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Information on registrations with the Central Bank of Brazil of foreign investments in capital and financial transactions.

Information on temporary, permanent or residence visa for foreign nationals in Brazil.

Information on documents required for foreign nationals to stay in Brazil.

To residents in Brazil which have total assets abroad in amount equal to or greater than US$100,000.00.


FK Consultoria FK Consultoria FK Consultoria

An advisory company focused on assisting foreign nationals and companies wishing to establish themselves in Brazil and invest non-speculative foreign capital and/or carry out transactions in foreign currency as loans, financing, etc. All these transactions have to be registered at the Central Bank.

We also provide work permit and visas, visas for investors and other modalities of visas for those wishing to establish themselves temporary or permanently in the country, as well as the personal documents they will require.

Established in 2000, FK has build partnerships with renowned accounting and law firms allowing a broad range of all the necessary services and assistance to investors in Brazil.

We also offer scheduled courses and training developed by competent professionals in the area of foreign capital, foreign exchange, foreign trade and legalization of foreign nationals.

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